Network services

The DG Digital Transformation not only provides reliable access to networks. You can also call on the services that are offered to guarantee fast, secure and trouble-free access.

  • The DG Digital Transformation manages the relay of e-mail to and from the federal public services and institutions. Our objective is to keep viruses and spam out of your mailbox as much as possible.

  • The DG Digital Transformation handles the publication of domain names on your behalf through a dedicated DNS. The service also resolves domain names and IP addresses (DNS resolution).

  • Regular Internet connections are increasingly being used for secure communications between closed user groups. Using VPN technology based on SSL and IPsec, DG Digital Transformation gives you safe remote access to your organisation’s applications.

  • The DG Digital Transformation detects vulnerabilities on (web) servers of federal public services and institutions. Its tests are suitable for a wide variety of different platforms.