• The FPS Policy & Support (BOSA) and AI4Belgium have the pleasure to offer you a lunch talk “Open Source Tools in AI” by Michel Herquet on February 25, 2021 at 13h. 

  • Due to a policy change enforced by the CA/B forum (browser community and CA’s), the Belgian Root CA 2,3 and 4 will no longer be automatically trusted by the browsers. We’ve been allowed until November 6th 16:00 to take mitigating actions.

    We wish to emphasize that these certificates are not part of the certificate chain on the eID.

    Although this change should not impact the use of eID, side effects are possible depending on the end user configuration and browser behaviour.

  • DG Digital Transformation boosts e-invoicing

    The European Commission wants to see e-invoicing to become the predominant method of invoicing by 2020 in Europe. The Belgian government endorses this objective and strives for the generalisation of e-invoicing.

    Electronic invoicing is fast, efficient and sustainable and an important building block for further digitisation. The DG Digital Transformation (FPS Policy and Support) plays an important role in promoting and supporting e-invoicing as a part of this transformation.