Lunch talk "Open Source Tools in AI" by Michel Herquet

The FPS Policy & Support (BOSA) and AI4Belgium have the pleasure to offer you a lunch talk “Open Source Tools in AI” by Michel Herquet on February 25, 2021 at 13h. 

Open source tools in AI

During his lunch talk, Michel Herquet will give an overview of the various open source tools he and his team use in a variety of data science projects. From Python libraries to more advanced tools for machine learning models: after this talk you're fully up to date. Are you taking part in the hackathon AI4GOV, by any chance? This session will definitely help you tackle your challenge! 

Michel Herquet

Michel has an academic background in theoretical physics. He obtained a PhD in Particle Physics from UCLouvain, before working as a postdoctoral researcher abroad. His research focused on the development of advanced Monte Carlo simulations for the discovery of the famous Higgs boson particle. 

In 2012, he co-founded B12 Consulting, an IT service company based in Louvain-la-Neuve, specialized in customised software development and data science projects. He has led dozens of advanced analytical/AI projects for different clients in many sectors since then. 

He also regularly teaches courses at the University of Physics and Management, both on basic as well as more advanced levels. 

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Are you interested in open source tools in AI? Then you should definitely attend this lunch talk!

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You can register until 23 February 2021. You will receive the link via e-mail a few days prior to the event.