Web Content Management

The DG Digital Transformation provides a full package of services to design, manage and publish content. You can ask the DG Digital Transformation:

  • for information architecture consultancy
  • for web design consultancy
  • to create a website based on a Drupal web content management system (WCM) that allows you to easily manage your content without the need for technical expertise: WCMS for large institutional sites and Fast2web for smaller sites, campaign sites or event sites;
  • for a solution for collecting and analysing visitor statistics
  • for an online tool (SaaS) for sending newsletters – Newsletter service.
  • to provide a secure payment platform and online payment resources: ePayment.
  • DG Digital Transformation helps you to develop the structure of your website and improve its accessibility and user-friendliness.

  • Support with the graphic design of your website – from design to complete development.

  • The DG Digital Transformation’s WCMS includes all the IT and support services needed for content publishing and building and managing your public website.

  • Fast2web is the service that consists of a central procurement agency for the creation of websites using Drupal 8, the hosting, the maintenance and support for editors.

  • Stats enables you to collect and analyse the visitor statistics of your website, so that you can determine to what extent you are achieving your web communications goals.

  • The Newsletter service, provided via the central procurement agency, is an online platform that facilitates the creation, launch and assessment of e-mail campaigns.

  • The ePayment platform allows your customers to pay online with their preferred method of payment.