Fast2web is the service that consists of a central procurement agency for the creation of websites using Drupal 8, the hosting, the maintenance and support for editors.


  • Websites are built using a standardised and transparent process, at an affordable price, with a fast completion time and the quality of the result is measured.
  • Excellent performance and stability of the system is guaranteed by Service Level Agreements entered into by DTO and its partners and which are formalised in a user agreement between DTO and its clients (the "users").
  • For the technical aspects you can enjoy the extensive Drupal expertise of our partners Fast2web.
  • You can contact DTO directly for administrative support.
  • Site uses https
  • Website accessibility (WCAG 2.0 AA)
  • Responsive site
  • High-performance open source search engine (Solr)
  • Easy management of multilingual content;
  • Simplified indexing of the website pages for optimal ranking in search engines (SEO);
  •  "No strings attached": the service has been specially designed to port data. In other words, you can leave the service at any time and host your site and all its features at another location.
  • Editors do not require any technical skills.
  • Access for editors is secured with a user id and password;
  • Fast2web is part of DTO's suite of services for websites such as Stats, Information Architecture & Usability en Web Templating & Design.


Communications services and Communication managers of all public services and public institutions


Follow the steps below:

  • Apply to the DTO Service Desk by e-mail.
  • Send a letter of intent to the manager of "WCM/web & Online Applications" at DTO;
  • Sign a user agreement with DTO.
  • Analyse your needs.
  • Prepare a customised offer.
  • After sending the purchase order: develop the site.
  • Train the editorial team.
  • Editors enter the content.
  • Website goes online.
  • Your website is audited by AnySurfer.
  • Switch to service mode approximately one month after going live

Access and support

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Support by the service manager

Are you interested in the Fast2web solution proposed by DTO and would you like more information?  Contact the DTO Service Desk  via quoting our reference S167 – Fast2web.